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man in charge of maryland's state department says this bill goes too far. >> reporter: in late january, baltimore native and talk show host gave an impassioned testimony of his pain from ms. >> marijuana may not work for everyone. but what it's done for me, it's given my my life back. >> reporter: today, less known residents but still suffering of pain testified. >> i'm still firing and i'm still using it and it's working. >> reporter: the argument in favor of the bill have not changed. >> if you have a person going through treatment and if they are seeking some help. put yourself in this scenario, you will do whatever you can for them. >> the department opposes this legislation as drafted.
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>> reporter: despite the outcome of the bill, health officials seem to agree the pleas of the sick deserve some kind of action even in a war on drugs. >> that patients can get off the battlefield and start living a life like everybody else. thank you. >> reporter: concerns about the bill can be addressed in amendments before the committee votes are taken. i'm pat warren, now back to you on television hill. in 2003, lawmakers reduced the recommended penalty for those with medical marijuana to $100 fines. a police officer is attacked by several dogs that are still on the lose. >> the officer was responded to calls for a wild dog in one neighborhood. as soon as he got out of the his car he was attacked by two dogs and bitten several times. the officer was forced to use pepper spray to get the dogs
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off of him, but he also inhaled it and sickened. one dog was captured by animal control officers. but people in the area are being warned to stay away from the other dog, a white pit bull with an orange spot. >> if you see the dog, call 911 immediately. when a baltimore city police officer went off on a young skateboarder, it was caught on video. when it hit the internet it ended up costing the officer his job. alex demetric reports today the former officer went to court to get that job back. >> first of all, you better learn how to speak. i'm not man, i'm not dude. i am officer rivieri. >> reporter: that interharbor confrontation with a young skateboarder ultimately cost officer rivieri his job. >> sit down. sit down. sit down i'm not a dude. >> reporter: today in court, rivieri's attorney argued that it was department embarrassment
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not the conduct of officer rivieri. the court found rivieri guilty of general misconduct and failure to file a report. the trial board recommended six day suspension without pay but that was only a recommendation and not binding on the commissioner who decided to terminate rivieri last year. >> to fire him for that you are essentially firing for something he was found not guilty of. >> reporter: but the judge upheld the firing. >> first of all you disrespected me, this badge and the department. when i'm talking to you you shut your mound mouth.
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>> reporter: those few moments cost rivieri his retirement. you see the water bubbling to the surface, no word on how many people are affected. an emergency crews are on the scene of a hazmat incident on monument street. the building is being ventilated after a gas leak was found in the base ment of the building. the building was evacuated. you play been exposed to a potentially deadly disease recently because of one passenger with the measles. jessica cartalia has more on the concern, jessica. >> reporter: good evening denise. tonight, health officials here in maryland are telling everyone who flew out of vwi terminal a here at the airport last tuesday night, if they begin to feel ill they need to call their doctor immediately.
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the centers for disease control say passengers may have picked up more than they bargained for on a flight out of vwi. >> i had an instance last week of an international traveler here in baltimore who was found to be contagious. >> reporter: according to the cdc, a 26-year-old woman infected with the measles flew from heathrow. passengers on a flight from denver to san diego may also be affected. authorities are now working to notify anyone seated within five rows of the woman that they may have been exposed to the virus. >> it's important we got information out to anyone that might have been exposed and wasn't vaccinated. >> i would be a little alarmed, how can they possibly contact everybody. it's a large amount of people to contact. i would think that somebody is going to be missed. >> my little guy is flying and if i had any doubts about it i
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would want something done. >> reporter: symptoms start eight to 12 days after exposure. include bloodshot eyes, cough and sore throat. >> there's also a risk of causing something when someone sneezes or coughs. the fact that someone is in the an airport doesn't make it any more dangerous than being in a shopping mall or in a bus. and measles can be spread through the air any time someone coughs or sneezes. now if you have not been vaccinated and again if you were here last tuesday night in the southwest terminal and you begin to feel sick any day now you are urged to call your doctor. i'm jessica cartalia, wjz eyewitness news. the number of measles cases dropped over the last several decades, but it has started to rise again due to parents not getting their children vaccinated. a student is fighting for
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his life this evening, after he was struck while he was riding his bicycle. adam may has the story. >> reporter: that engineering student is in a coma. and his chances for making a full recovery are unknown. nathan crasnapoler involved in a serious bicycle accident on 39th street near campus saturday. in a statement his family says nathan stopped breathing and lost his pulse in the ambulance ride. there is some good news from the mri but no response from him yet. >> kind of hard turning here with the bike lane sos that was a tragic incident that happened. and i hope he'll be okay. baltimore city police say the 83-year-old driver will not face any criminal charges calls it an apparent no fault accident. >> driving a bicycle can be very dangerous. >> sometimes the speeds of the car are very unsafe. >> there have been a number of
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accidents involving pe december pedestrians. >> reporter: but now an accident this serious is catching student's attention. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill,vic. >> the family is updating nathan's medical condition on face book. if you have always wanted a luxury car but never could afford it. now may be your chance. an auction will be held tomorrow morning. ferraris, bentleys, they were formally owned by a man involved in a ponzi scheme. a wet dreary end to february. a live look outside, if april
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showers bring may flowers what do february showers bring? bernadette woods and bob turk are following the rain. >> reporter: most of the rain has moved through baltimore. some pretty solid rain out there. showers in the city, particularly north of the area. they will cross westminster, a little bit across hartford county in the next hour or two. the heaviest rain from dover down to denton over toward cambridge, that continues to move off to the east. most of the rain will be done across the region. we're looking for a clearing and breezy and much cooler conditions headed our way. how we do in the rainfall department this year. bernadette woods has a look at that. >> over all it's been a very dry couple of months. december was incredibly dry and so was january. even with this recent rainfall, we are down in the rainfall department. so take a look at some of these numbers including today for the
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month we round out at minus .41- inches. so we did held up those numbers the last week or so but still below. as far as the year goes, it's not that low. but we're 1.22-inches down for this season. that's what we're looking at right now but we do have a few more chances for rain coming up and we'll have that forecast coming up shortly. two months ago today, police in baltimore begin the most intense missing person's search in their history. but they say they are at square one with no signs of missing honor student felicia barnes. mike hellgren has new insight from the head of homicide. >> reporter: the dozens of tips, hundreds of hours of investigation none of it has turned up any sign of this promising teenager felicia barnes. >> i can't tell you we can keep this forever. we can't. >> reporter: the department has a squad solely dedicated to finding barnes. she was last seen the tuesday
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after christmas. >> have you ever had a case quite like this where there's just been no trace of someone for so long. >> no, we just keep hoping we keep pushing and pressing and something will pop up. >> reporter: tips have come in from as far as washington state. but they've all led nowhere. and the deafening silence has alarmed those who love her and those who live near the apartments where she vanished. >> i have a sister that's 17 years old. that hit home. she's 17, she's still a baby. >> reporter: ben thomas was so moved he came to baltimore from north carolina where his daughter goes to high school with felicia to personally search. >> i felt like people that know the situation should be out of their comfort zone. that's how i feel. and so i went to baltimore. >> reporter: police have interviewed some 20 people. the last ones to see them alive and believe someone is not revealing all they know. >> there's always somebody that knows something and there's a
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lot of different motivations for not telling the police. a lack of anything telling us she's taken far away, we always start from square one. >> they plan to conduct several new searching next month. and police have not revealed where they'll be searching and say they are just going on hunches. now the vigil starts in half an hour at the reichsters apartment complex. and investigators want anyone who knowing anything to call their tip line. 1-888-223-033. we're going to stay on top of this case. as soon as there's any new developments we will let you know on wjz and parents are being asked to relax when it comes to children's fevers. when you should give them medicine. new concerns and criticism about how towing companies operate in the city. i'm derek valcourt i'll explain why and what the city wants to
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do about it coming up on wj eyewitness news. >> i think my passion is misinterpreted as anger sometimes. i don't think people are ready for the message that i'm delivering. back at it, charlie sheen lashes out at his bosses, his outrageous comments about his lifestyle. and more rain is headed our way. stick around for the first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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dozens of officers fired for a scheme. wjz is live at city hall, derek valcourt with the new fall out. >> reporter: it's not just the police commissioner, the mayor and several city council members want a full review of how the city operates and manages it's towing contracts. these special gold medal medallion stickers are the key to doing business with the city. right now only 10 companies in a contract with baltimore get them. authorizing them to tow cars in accidents or illegally parked. but that contract is up for renewal and facing tough scrutiny after several arrests of police officers. now the chief wants a full review of the towing system after hearing complaint that is the medallion companies have had a stronghold of the towing bids for decades.
6:17 pm
>> we can't get them at all. >> reporter: do you think that's fair? >> oh, no, no. i think that should be open for everybody to take a shot at it every year. if i don't qualify i don't qualify. just show me where i don't. >> clearly one thing we know is the standards, no one is checking to make sure they are being met. >> reporter: after learning aarons, one of the medallion companies was not allowed to do work for the city, but was found to have towed cars for the city until 2008. >> reporter: congressman craft says they'll hold a hearing on
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all these towing concerns on march 13. the police commissioner has advised he will not sign the medallion towing awards until a full investigation is performed. the superintendent has banned the use of spice. charlie sheen is blasting his former employer and talking to anyone who will listen. mary joins us now with more. >> reporter: just days after cbs halted production of two and a half men, sheen is making the media rounds. >> defeat is not an action. they picked a war with a war lock. >> do you owe cbs an apology. >> no they owe me a big one,
6:19 pm
publicly while licking my feet. >> reporter: in an interview, the troubled actor vows to sue cbs news for canceling his show. sheen is not apologizing for his behavior and says that he is no longer on drugs, just on life. >> i am on a drug, it's called charlie sheen. >> reporter: last month sheen was hospitalized after a night of partying and now we know just how i intense it was. >> i was banging 7-ounce rocks because that's how i roll. i have one speed, i have one gear, go. >> reporter: and charlie sheen took a drug test that shows he is not using now. sheen used lowry's hebrew name but says he is not anti- semitic. he says he's ready to go back
6:20 pm
to work but believes he deserves a raise. >> 3 million an episode. take it or leave it. that's how i roll. true to the end. >> and late today we learned sheen's publicist quit after sheen gave yet another bizarre interview, denise. >> thank you, mary. cbs has not commented on sheen's latest antics. a to do list unlike any other. that's because it's in space. astronauts bollen and drew left the challenger this morning to move an out of commission ammonia coolant pump. this is the first space walk for the astronauts to the international space station. >> they have a checklist out there too. >> and a little voice that says, have you done it yet. >> and very, very long. let's look at conditions around the region. still a little light rain couple of spots.
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58 still. still quite warm. it'll start cooling off later this evening. the barometer is way back up. we'll come back and take a look at a drier cooler tuesday right after this. ,,,,,, this week, make pasta night more exciting for your family
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i have a website?! you have a website. oh my gosh, i can't believe it was that easy. [ male announcer ] verizon can put your small business on over 100 search sites so customers can find you, with a personalized business e-mail address that connects with your site. visit me at [ male announcer ] small business owners, don't be invisible. call today and get a 6 month free trial of verizon websites powered by intuit, when you sign up for verizon's reliable high-speed internet & phone for business, just $84.99 a month with no term contract required. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities verizon. the hardest working network in business. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. what a bizarre weather day.
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dark clouds, tornado warnings, temptures. it was pretty odd today. >> we had tornado watches out for a while. luckily no severe weather. there was one pretty good storm across portions of the pg county. top eastern washington and st. mary's had pretty good storms around 12 to 1:00 or so. that's all moved off east of us. just light rain around the area. still mild but it's going to cool off as you can see to the west of oakland down to 39. cumberland still at 35. we got up in the upper 60s down across washington 72, richmond got to 78 degrees. now that's where they had the severe thunderstorms. southern california, the lower eastern shore saw some thunderstorms activity. now it's cooling off off to the west as the winds begin to turn we'll start cooling down today. down to 50 just about
6:25 pm
everywhere which is well above our average. averages 48, 20 degrees and warmer. that was at the airport, north of the city it was pretty much in the 50s all day long. that's one of the reasons the storms moved out as they moved across the region. 71, pretty close to that today and five the record low in 1934. our winds continue to be out of the south-southwest. later on they're going to be shifting to the west and northwest. and just a few hours it will start cooling down and drying things. and a cooler night tonight. tomorrow it'll seem chillier compared to today. northern vermont, maine still getting snow up there. chilly air begins to move in. severe air we saw in the kentucky, tennessee area. and strong storms in kentucky. in our area the rain is moving
6:26 pm
off leading to one more shower or two then we clear out. cooler conditions definitely moving into the region. 32 by morning with clearing skies becoming breezy overnight. sunshine, nice march 1st. it'll come in like a lamb. very close to where it should be for the first day of march. can you believe it. spring is only 21 days from today. >> if you say it i believe it. >> thank you. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >> in 1920 titusville built its first fire house. 91 years and $500,000 later, two business move?
6:27 pm
heart land assessing the damage after powerful storms. on the break in libya, protesters ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30, 58 58 degrees with light rain. harsh new sanctions on gadhafi. after four decades in power he is not going without a fight. >> reporter: protests flaired in libya's capital. several hundred demonstrators gathered for a march before from government fighters chased them away. the protesters left behind their message for gadhafi to leave. in geneva, foreign diplomats had the same message that gadhafi must go and that he should be held accountable for his bloody crack down. >> these violations of universal rights are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. >> reporter: the european union slapped the government with new sanctions. leaders are also discussing a possible no fly zone over libya
6:31 pm
to prevent gadhafi's air force from killing more citizens. >> it is clear this is an illegitimate regime that has lost the trust of people. our message to gadhafi is simple, go now. >> reporter: for now, he still has a firm grip on the capital and the government has been handing out cash to citizens to buy their support. while much of eastern libya is in rebel hands, the regime is battling to take back areas just outside tripoli. >> reporter: with gadhafi showing no sign of backing down, the pentagon confirmed it's moving air and naval forces near libya just in case they are needed. wjz eyewitness news. and the crisis can have a ripple effect on the world's economy including oil and gas prices. here in maryland, the price for
6:32 pm
a gallon of regular is up to $3.33 on average. just last week it was $3.12 and $3.09 last month. this time last year, $2.67. libya is africa's largest oil exporter but only makes up about 1% of exports to the u.s. a string of powerful storms hammer the midwest leaving blind a path of destruction. mary is live with more on the destruction. >> reporter: from ohio to kentucky were blasted with he sreu rains and winds and at least one tornado. kentucky police say the storms destructed two homes. in ohio, rivers and streams overflowed their banks causing flood warnings in a number of counties. tens of thousands of people in that region are without power today. and now to bob turk who was tracking the storms first. >> reporter: very impressive over parts of ohio and
6:33 pm
kentucky. take a look at radar. you see those lines of squalls. all the way to nashville, tennessee. and all of kentucky really getting heavy downpours. flooding in areas. most of it was gone but very heavy storms during the late overnight into the early morning hours. which is also very, very difficult time for people to get warned about it. thank goodness there were not many injuries reported but a lot of damage in that area. and we'll see a much cooler and brighter day tomorrow. an investigation is under way into a townhouse fire in howard county. and you can see the townhouse where the fire began was pleatly destroyed. two adjoining townhomes were also damaged, but no one was hurt. get a deal done or the government will shut down.
6:34 pm
that's the crisis placing lawmakers in washington who must come up with a budget by the end of the week. >> reporter: lawmakers got right down to business after a week off. they headed for the floor and argued over how the government should spend its money. >> less spending, lower debt, reigning in the sides and scope of government. that's what's needed. the unintended consequences of those budget cuts will come back in many many ways to harm this nation. they have until the end of this week to pass a spending bill where the spending government will have to shut down temporarily. leading republicans say they have a plan. >> so the house will pass a shorter term bill that will also give the government money while including reasonable spending cuts at the same time. the gop plan buys lawmakers another two weeks to reach a final budget agreement and slashes $4 billion in government spending. democrats call it a good starting point, but they want a full month to work out their
6:35 pm
differences. getting agreement on that final budget will be tough. republicans want more than $60 billion in spending cuts. the president promised he would veto any measure with those cuts. >> the republican spending cuts will destroy 700,000 jobs. >> reporter: the clock is ticking and neither side wants to be blamed for a shut down, that means they'll have to compromise if they want to get a full spending plan passed and signed into law before time runs out. inez ferre. if congress continue strike a deal and a shut down happens, not every government service would stop in its tracks. the plan does keep several central agencies up and running like the military, federal law enforcement agencies and air traffic controllers. time now for a look at stories you will find tomorrow on the baltimore sun. how are scientists planning on fighting ancient stink bugs.
6:36 pm
with another bug. and under armour's renewed effort to gain a foothold on the athletic shoe department. for these stories and a lot more read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz eyewitness weather team. change is coming to downtown pikesville as projects are combining the old and the new. andrea fujihi explains the redevelopment planned for an old fire house. >> reporter: 91 years and $500,000 later, two business have moved in. >> we came across this building we fell in love with the history and architecture. this isn't the only change here. since 2002, baltimore county has helped in new projects. >> so in a down economy, we have a lot of significant
6:37 pm
reinvestment in pikesville. including construction in a $2.4 billion building. this will be a new building with two levels of retail and businesses. and a new staples and walgreens are planned for down the street. with architecture that is promised to maintain the old charm. owners hope prosperity will follow. >> we just happen to be a part of the quote unquote revitalizization. >> i'm bob turk, sunny drier skies headed our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning forecast.
6:38 pm
here are the top stories on wjz develop at this hour. for updates on all the day's news and updated forecast any time log on to ,,,, the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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[ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. ♪ go to to see how we can help your cashflow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. clean up continues in west
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texas after fires burn dozens of acres. today's winds have helped them to contain the fire. now the danger shifts to the houston and san antonio areas. where dry conditions exist. a tractor trailer crash leaves a massive mess. in the process, hundreds of boxes of mayonaisse spilled on to the highway. it took several hours for the road to be clear. no one was injured in the accident. in tonight's health watch report, new standards regarding fevers in children. as manuel gallegus reports. it tries to alleviate fears parents have when their children are suffering a fever. >> at times i see 102 going into maybe 103. and it bothers me. >> reporter: a new report in
6:42 pm
pediatrics advises parents to keep their cool when it comes to fever. doctors say a rise in body temperatures aren't always dangerous. >> a fever can be good for kids. it actually helps fight off infection. virus do not like to live where it's warm. >> reporter: there's no proof that untreated fevers lead to seizures. and over the counter medicines are fine to lower their children's fever, but what's most important is for parents to look out at their actions. >> are they eating, are they drinking, playing. >> reporter: and parents should always be careful to measure correctly. so when is it time to call the doctor? if the fever lasts for more than a few days. if the baby is under three months old. if there are changes in behavior or if a rash appears.
6:43 pm
jada's dad is glad he took her in. it turns out she has a chest infection and needs antibiotics. >> children with special medical needs who have a slight fever should always be seen by a doctor. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up. >> hpv is most common in women. but a new study finds 50% of men have it too. that's tonight's assignment america. and here are tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. [ dog barking, sirens wailing ] [ alarm sounding ] ♪ [ woman ] please say "one" to speak to a representative. one. one. [ sneezes ] a little off the sides.
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showers and even a few thunderstorms. so how is the rest of the week shaping up? let's get the latest from bernadette woods and bob turk. showers will come to an end overnight then we will see clearing and tomorrow 30s to start out our day. sunshine through the afternoon and patchy clouds. we warm up to the upper 40s so
6:47 pm
that's about it. much cooler than today. tomorrow we start to drop. so we go up and down for the rest of the day. for more on that here's bob. >> 47, close to normal, a lot of unshine. a bit of a breeze. much warmer wednesday. but then we drop again. probably a chance of showers again late in the day on saturday. maybe even into sunday. so the weekend right now not too great. 48 to 59. people are still talking about the oscars. >> coming up on entertainment tonight. all the news from the 83rd annual academy awards. we're the only show taking you inside the famed academy party.
6:48 pm
justin beiber and selena gomez smiling at their pictures. and collin first is king. >> have fun collin, congrats. >> thanks. and one of the best oscars i've ever seen. it was so beautiful. did you see it? >> i watched every bit of it. >> john ham is mad about jennifer feltsweld. and madonna wears fish nets and faux fur. did charlie sheen pass a drug test? that and more coming up later on entertainment tonight. >> you can see entertainment tonight at 7:30 right here on wjz. still to come, let the games begin. the orioles exhibition on the way in florida. >> mark has highlights next in sports. [ male announcer ] verizon believes
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play ball, mark is here
6:52 pm
with the wjz the fan sports report. >> this is a perfect way to end february for me. thoughts of spring and summer, with a little baseball going on. manager buck shorewalter is pleased with both his pitchers and hitters. and how they handled their first exhibition game in florida. strong winds at the pirates. the winds ate a few fly balls. guerrero's first at-bat is not a home run. felix pia comes in, 1-0 orioles top of the first-inning. brad bergeson kept the ball in the park for the birds. the orioles left fielder, rimeld launch as deep drive. solo home run.
6:53 pm
the o's open if exhibition with a victory. the o's play at home in sarasota tomorrow against the tampa bays. football is headed for a lock out. the owners will lock out the players. the players are expected to desertty their union before then. that is a move that will allow the players to sue for a court injunction. both sides scheduled to meet in washington, d.c. tomorrow. meanwhile teams continue to tend to their rosters and today the washington redskins cut ties with clinton portis. he is released after seven seasons with washington. the last two years, portis missed time, he was scheduled to make more than $2 million this upcoming season. the skins cut him lose. only john riggins has rushed for more yards. and the tar heels too big,
6:54 pm
too talented for the terps. carolina blocked nine maryland shots in this one. tyler zeller finishes with the team high. gary williams even questioned his team's effort in this one. >> early on i felt that it wasn't one of our better starts, you know in terms of our efforts, our just being aware, being alive you know i like to know where it came from, but you know that's the way it was. freshman terrell stogman continues to be a bright spot in what's been a tough season over all. he scored a career high 28 points in that loss with north carolina. still remains the fcc rookie of the week, it's the second straight week that he has been named winner of that honor. just two games before the acc
6:55 pm
tournament. join me tomorrow morning, we'll be joined tomorrow by aaron maven who plays for the buffalo bills, went to penn state and played locally. he has done great charity work in town. we'll talk to him about the nfl and being back in baltimore. >> thank you, mark. we'll be right back. just minutes away, should we really feel sorry for bernny madoff? and a virus usua,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
don't miss the cbs line up. that's it for us tonight. we'll be back, the hawaii five- 0 music just keeps going. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm denise koch. there's much more ahead with katie couric. how do most americans fefe
6:59 pm
>> couric: tonight, as the fighting in libya escalates, the obama administration says it's time for qaddafi to go and u.s. forces move closer to libyan shores. i'm katie couric. also tonight, the battle over state budgets. our new poll finds most americans oppose cutting the pay benefits, and union rights of public employees. h.p.v., the virus that can cause cancer in women is now found in half of american men. and "assignment america." you don't want to run afoul of this goose. >> i've seen her go up and scare the heck out of pit bulls. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. secretary of state hillary clinton could not have put it

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